Sarah Coronel

Female, 32 Tel Aviv, Israel

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  • Teacher Speaks: English,French,Hebrew
  • Experience: 5 Years
  • Lessons taking place at: Anywhere or Multiple
  • willing to travel: 10 Km
  • Average hourly rate: 200-230 ₪
  • Online Classes: No
  • In Person Teaching: Yes

About me

Dietician expert in Tel Aviv, specialised in sport nutrition.


Bachelor's of Biology Science: Université René Descartes Sorbonne Paris 5

French Dietician Diploma: University Créteil-Vitry France

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  • Nutrition, Expert

    Hi everyone,

    I am a french dietician specialised in sport nutrition. I am now living in Tel Aviv.

    Nutrition is a very complicated process that involves your way of living, your childhood, your mind and your "nutritional feelings".

    My method is first based on a dialogue between you and me with no taboo in a total respect and confidence in each other.

    My goal is then to make the scientific nutritional advices fit with your goals and your way of living. The final purpose is to make you feel better in your body, in your mind and to be autonomous in your nutrition choices without filing guilty. To reach this, I will teach you in a very practical way what is called a "balanced diet".

    I invite you to contact me if you need some nutrition coaching in order to loose or take weight, balanced your diet in your everyday life, reach a sport performance, respect a specific diet because of a medical treatment, if you are in a specific time of your life (pregnancy, stop working, teenagers, senior, new immigrant with a new way of eating etc.).

    You can contact me by e-mail for further information: