Alessandra Sensei

Female, 31 Jerusalem, Israel


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  • Teacher Speaks: English,Hebrew
  • Experience: 6+ Years
  • Lessons taking place at: Teacher's Place
  • willing to travel: 0 Km
  • Average hourly rate: 150 ₪
  • Online Classes: Yes
  • In Person Teaching: Yes

About me


I have 24 years of training in Kenseido, a Japanese self defense martial art. I grew up training and teaching in the dojo alongside many talented and expertly trained teachers, from Japan and the US.

I have trained with some of the very few top ranking Kenseido masters in the world, who are also my Sensei.

Lessons Information

  • Self Defense, Expert

    Self defense lessons structured through our curriculum with testing and belt-level advancement, or custom tailored to improve and excel in your self defense and core workout goals.

    For more information regarding lessons, please feel free to contact me.